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Combined machine for cleaning and decontamination of seeds

Machines for decontamination of seeds and cleaningProducts of INV 2014 Ltd-combined machine for cleaning and decontamination of seedsProductivity (t/h):

Wheat: from 2 to 4 t/h;

Barley: from 1,5 to 2,5 t/h.

The machine for cleaning and decontamination of seeds consists of two grain loaders, aspiration, two trommel screens, sieving part, weighing machine part and a dosimeter for decontamination. The grains are entering the machine through the main grain loader then pass through the aspiration where all weak dry seeds and dust are separated. The flow goes through the first trommel screen that removes the small and broken seeds and weeds which are brought out of the machine through a funnel.  The grain flow then goes to the sieving part which clears the weak and longitudinally broken seeds. Then the second trommel screen calibrates the roadworthy grains and separates the largest ones. The first group passes the weighing machine part and gets decontaminated with no loss of detergent which is guaranteed by the dosimeter. Finally, the roadworthy decontaminated seeds exit the machine through the second grain loader.

Decontamination machine

Products of INV 2014 Ltd-machines for decontamination of seedsProductivity (t/h) Wheat:

Wheat: from 2 to 3,5 t/h;

Barley: from 2 to 3 t/h;

Corn: from 2 to 3 t/h;

Sunflower: from 2 to 3 t/h.



Grain loader

Grain loaders with different lengths and diameters

The company INV 2014 Ltd. produces various lengthwise and diameter grain loaders. The grain loaders are manufactured using standard sizes or sizes of the customer.




Milking platform for sheep

The products produced and offered by INV 2014 Ltd. are milking platforms for sheep. The company produces a variety of sheep milking platforms that can be with or without a unit.

Ask production of your seed decontamination machine, combined machine for cleaning and decontamination of seeds, order a grain loader at the most suitable size for you or a milking platform for sheep by contacting us on the phone and email contacts listed on the Contacts page.

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